Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for awareness of your website. And your company. Your SEO success is based solely on how fresh and up-to-date your website content is kept.

Google continuously picks up new websites, but if yours seldom offers interesting new content, it’ll get left behind – resulting in unsatisfactory ranking. And fewer client visits.

A couple of years ago the inclusion of a few keys words relevant to your business or product ensured that your ranking increased, or at least stayed constant.

Nowadays websites rich in detail and those that are responsive, are more likely to climb the rankings ladder.

Sometimes when a client needs immediate results, AdWords may be the way to go.

However, Mega Advertising gets great organic rankings online because our logical formula ensures great SEO.

In our experience there are four elements that’ll keep your ranking high:


  • A new Smartphone/iPad/Tablet-friendly website. That doesn’t mean just being able to read on a Smartphone – it means cutting- edge programming. Check out our Mega Blog on Responsive Websites for an in-depth explanation.
  • Video – a video on your website will have people watching it. Every time your video that’s linked to say YouTube, is organically viewed by someone, it helps your website ranking. Your favourite aunt watching your video over and over won’t help your ranking. Google is very smart and knows if it’s a fresh view/visit/watch/like and so on!
  • Social Media. Every time someone ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on your Facebook page, it contributes to your website ranking. Because it’s an external party praising you, not you praising yourself!
  • Blogging. It keeps your website content fresh and people coming back for more. You may even develop ‘guru’ status in your industry.

The cardinal rule for blogging is: keep it fresh, relevant, and short – waffling will turn people off because most people spend limited time online.