Professional Copywriting Services versus DIY Copywriting

We offer professional copywriting services

We never like to tell clients what to do, that would never go down well, just like you telling your clients. However – we are experts in our field as you are in yours, so naturally we have good advice like you do! We make strong suggestions at times, all for the purpose of driving more business to our clients. One of our conversations we often have with clients is whether to write or not write your own text/copy for your website, brochures or other marketing needs. Our suggestion is getting a professional is often what makes the difference. We offer copywriting services at Mega for this reason.

If you are entertaining the idea of writing your own copy and you have excellent writing skills, good grammar etc, then how are you when it comes to thinking about call to actions? How much text to write? What do you actually want to tell people? This is very important.

We notice clients are either time poor, or not so good at saying how good they are.

Websites can wait forever without being made live and the whole idea was to come to Mega in the first place as we are good and fast. We don’t want to hold things up for you, we want to get it up live as fast as possible, but with quality content too.

Just remember, when was the last time you went to an average doctor? Surely you want to go to the best? It is the same with your business, do you want to come across average? You need to come across as the best! I often say “get some American blood in you” – what I mean by this, whether we like it or not Americans are very very good at being proud, it is a strength to have when writing on a website, be proud of your business. Let that show.

What do your clients need to know?

Just remember your website/brochure etc are for your clients, not for you. You know what you do, you know where you do it, why you do it, and how. Think about what your clients need to know, a phone number, your services, your offering, your point of difference, where you are, how to get in touch, the list goes on.

We are not suggesting you don’t have a good think or even an attempt to write your own website first, but a copywriter that interviews you and writes it for you will pull out things that you didn’t even know were important. They are experts at keywords and content writing, and whilst keywords are not only a factor now days for getting ranked in Google, it is still needed.

We can help assist you to write awesome copy, we do encourage you to seek professional help from us here at Mega Advertising, if this is not your skill set.

Remember this can make or break selling a job off your website. And that is what we are here for, to bring in more targeted business for you.

Cheers, Phillippa

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