Brand exposure & sponsorship

It’s time to take it to the next level

You’ve got great branding, your website is excellent, and you are pitching at every opportunity you have. But you wish to stand out a little more.

Have you considered sponsorship?

Do you do anything to help your community for free? All of us wish to sell something, whether it be votes at the next election, (I write this with the Prime Minister of NZ sitting in the seat in front of me on an AirNZ flight) or you could be wanting exposure at your child’s school. Exposure and sponsorship can come in all sizes, whether it’s in the local newspaper, school newsletter, at the rugby, on digital billboards, or across Facebook adverts. The size of exposure starts with the size of the company.

What you are doing to promote your brand in your community is getting your brand recognition. The more you’re seen, the more people get comfortable with your business, and the more people will trust you, as your company will become familiar to them.

Think about what message you put on this exposure. You might only have room for a short message, for example a billboard shouldn’t have much more than 7 words, in order to be read at a glimpse while driving past. So what’s your drive? You don’t have to know these answers, we can help, it’s what we do! But we want you to think about what the intent of your sponsorship is. Do they just need rugby jerseys, and suggest your name goes on it? Hell no, if you’re asked to do that, sure, go for it; but ask for a push on their website newsletter or Facebook.

We often do “free or discounted” work for individuals, some clients or organisations in need. Why do we do this? Firstly, it’s to help that person, company or organisation, as funding may be tough, and we know we can make a difference to their goals and needs. But secondly, by getting our name on behind them, we hope people will know we are a generous and caring company.

What does your company do for others?

Do you hope to get something out of helping others? There is nothing wrong with that! Don’t be afraid of asking for a plug at their next board meeting, as a way of them thanking you for your sponsorship.

If it is large, corporate sponsorship your are wishing to do, then what’s your message that you’re going to get out there? That you are easy to use? Have fast service? Have quality products? What’s in it for your customers using you? Tell them! As Kiwis, we have a reputation for liking people to guess, but this needs to shop. Show them, and tell them what makes your special!

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