Branding vs Promotion/Marketing

We often are asked to brand a company, it’s what we do at Mega! However by the time we have designed a corporate logo, printing collateral, signage, an awesome website this can all add up. What we’ve been surprised at … Continued

I’m still confused by smartphone friendly websites!

Education is exciting to some, but scary to others, so we will try and make this painless! In a nutshell, smartphone friendly “responsive” websites have been around for 2-3 years now. It seems some of our clients do not realise … Continued

Brand exposure & sponsorship

It’s time to take it to the next level You’ve got great branding, your website is excellent, and you are pitching at every opportunity you have. But you wish to stand out a little more. Have you considered sponsorship? Do … Continued

How good is your first impression?

We all know how important a first impression is. How long has it been since you’ve looked at your branding, online or in print, and thought about what first impression your branding is giving? We know there are quick fixes, … Continued

Professional Copywriting Services versus DIY Copywriting

We offer professional copywriting services We never like to tell clients what to do, that would never go down well, just like you telling your clients. However – we are experts in our field as you are in yours, so … Continued

Phillippa is a Woman of Achievement!

New Zealand is full of selfless, courageous women. Women who have worked hard to focus their passion, drive and valued time into pursuing a better place for us to live. The Women of Achievement award is a special recognition to … Continued

Is your image of your business as good as your business?

Ever been so embarrassed handing out your brochure, perhaps it’s got an old phone number crossed out, or they have been left in the sun and faded, or the content just isn’t up to date. Then DON’T hand it out. … Continued

Is your website working for your business?

Is your website working for your business? I was thinking what helpful information could I share with you all, that could make a big difference to your business success. Recently we have been talking to a lot of new clients … Continued

Facebook. Do we, or don’t we?

Do we, or don’t we? This often the question when businesses think “Should we be on Facebook?” Or the other big question, “Won’t it take up all my time?” At Mega, we run Facebook seminars for businesses The reason we … Continued

Benefits verses Products

This has come up a lot of late. Do you wonder why you don’t convert every sale? Just imagine if you did! Wow! However, let’s imagine you converted 93%+ of what you quoted, that would be great, right? I agree! … Continued