Signage can be a permanent form of outdoor communication.

It’s much more than a sign with your company name attached to the front of a building, or side of a vehicle.

Mega Advertising is an award-winning sign design company. Not all advertising agencies offer this service.

Whether it’s building signage; vehicle signage; billboards; flags; or custom-designed company décor, Mega Advertising does it all.

We design all types of signage for all types of clients. We even design signage for companies who do signage application! Because they appreciate or creativity and out-of-the-square thinking.

Our signage designs are as innovative and creative as all the other advertising elements our clients entrust us with.

Signage should be eye-catching but professional, reflecting the company’s image and values.

Our signage designs can be seen all over Christchurch and the South Island. From malls to pubs to factories to retail outlets. And of course vehicles, which are effectively ‘moving billboards’ for their respective companies.

Let us show you how impactful signage will create maximum awareness for your company.


Scroll through some of our sign designs