No matter the size, type or intricacies of your business, creating awareness and an image in the marketplace are essential to its growth and success.

Great branding is not achieved with smoke and mirrors. It’s achieved by creating a unique name and image for a product or service in the marketplace.
Its aim is to establish a differentiated awareness that will attract and retain loyal customers.

This is done by creating and maintaining a consistent look and feel – a ‘golden thread’ that runs through every communication element used to promote the product or service.

Branding can involve developing something as basic as a logo for a company or product. Or an entire corporate identity: stationery; advertising – print and electronic media – website development; an online presence; building and vehicle signage; promotional material; direct mail; newsletters. The whole nine yards! In our experience lasting awareness and loyalty is only achieved through regular consistent creative exposure and messaging.

Mega Advertising is a branding specialist.

We love it. We live it. We’re recognised for our branding prowess.

Before we attempt any branding exercise we get to know the client’s business intimately. We get to know its competitors. We study the relevant marketplace.
We brainstorm and blue-sky. We think big.

We do this in discussion and collaboration with the client. Or if the client needs guidance and advice, we get stuck in and develop branding for their product or service – because branding is our business!

We’re proud of the many successful brands and businesses we’ve helped put on the map, using our tried and proven branding methods.


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