How good is your first impression?

We all know how important a first impression is. How long has it been since you’ve looked at your branding, online or in print, and thought about what first impression your branding is giving?

We know there are quick fixes, like building your own website with free templates online. However, how professional are they? I don’t fix my own car, take my own tonsils out, or do my own accounts – I use the right trained professionals! So why should you use the professionals when it comes to your branding and advertising?

Because the best quality graphic design and marketing actually gives your business credibility, and that’s priceless.

You could be offering the best product or service, but if you’re delivering your message with poor design, it’s unlikely anyone will stay long on your website long enough to find out why they should be working with you.

High-quality images and design tell the story of your services.

The fact is, the better your images, the more trust you create between your business and your client. The purpose of great photography, graphics and video all show your company’s crispness, security, and the image of what you wish to portray your business like. Which all works towards the obvious end goal of converting a potential lead into a paying customer. Getting visits and views on your website isn’t the answer if you’re not converting! What we want to achieve for you is results, calls, conversions and money in!

For the best results, we recommend using the highest quality, highest resolution photographs available to you.

Obviously we can help with this! Did you know 67% of consumers note that the quality of the images depicting a product will heavily influence their whole decision to purchase? So the higher the quality, the better the chance of converting a sale. Plus, higher quality images are best suited for a number of ways your photos can be used, not just online but print and signage too.

If they are your images and not stock shots, these too add to your conversions.

As always, our attempt to educate you with our blogs is to get more money in your pockets, better clients for you, and of course the right jobs that give you and your team job satisfaction.

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