Branding vs Promotion/Marketing

We often are asked to brand a company, it’s what we do at Mega! However by the time we have designed a corporate logo, printing collateral, signage, an awesome website this can all add up.

What we’ve been surprised at in recent times is that our clients believe that’s all we have to do for them and the work should flood in! Obviously your business can’t solely survive on word of mouth, google searches or people driving past. There needs to be a collection of efforts made! We call this promotion or a strategic marketing plan that needs to then be executed over time.

Your branding is what makes you proud, makes your business “look” good to your target market. But if you do nothing more to “communicate” you don’t show anybody what your business can do. If you keep your branding to yourself then you probably won’t grow your business, nor the quality of clients. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to any rule. So if you’re a busy, well established business you shouldn’t need to promote to the same extent as a new hungry business would need to. A new business however needs to communicate with their target market as quickly as possible, an established business should still be communicating with their clients often – this is just called customer service.

At Mega we pride ourselves with the “next step” of reaching out to your clients and perspective clients. We have numerous ways of doing this, but often uniquely done. All businesses are different, even though some similar ways of marketing may work. We often wonder if even our clients even know we do this next stuff, it is something we are working on ourselves, just like any business. If you are interested in communicating with your clients, please do talk to us about your next steps and what might be involved in a strategic marketing plan at Mega!

Remember – awesome branding makes you look good, but it is the promotion/marketing that gets your message across regularly.

Cheers, Phillippa

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