Design specialist Phillippa Jacobs is the founder and owner of Mega Advertising. She knows the meaning of a ‘start-up’ business. 17 years ago she started out on her own with no business, no office, and very little capital. Her ‘start-up’ was called Pinnacle Design. What she did have was a Design Degree obtained with first-class honours in the USA, and valuable work experience gained in New Zealand design agencies.

She also had a burning desire to help clients succeed by growing their brands. That desire remains as strong today as it was way back in 1997.

In 2005 she rebranded her agency to ‘Mega Advertising’, believing the name was more descriptive of the kind of creativity and services available to her agency’s clients.

Phillippa is a proud Cantabrian who works hard and plays hard. Success, her clients’ and her own, motivates her. She’s worked hard to create a happy working environment at Mega Advertising because people are more creative when they’re relaxed and happy.

Phillippa believes giving back to the community in which you operate is part of having a successful business. That’s why she and her team regularly ‘pay it forward’. They support many organisations with time and effort – in and out of working hours. It’s not always possible to work for free, but Phillippa makes sure the creative pencils and prices are sharpened to the max to make life easier for charities. She believes charity begins at home so happy staff and happy clients make her happy.